About FD-DI

    Enlightened the company from to start an undertaking richly until now already a session of more than 20 years, from the beginning namely grasps take the guest as reveres, We do our products under the strict quality control and the punctual delivery requirements, the products are comparable to the other suppliers. Customers' satisfaction were the ultimate purpose of our business target. For the pass more than 20 years, Fu Di have had been through repeatedly the market being tempered by hardships, the unceasing renewal equipment make us to be a leader of our line of works. Establish the fine prestige in order to, we invested the sample making machine to make the print sample for confirmation soon by customers. and the newest spectroscope made in Swiss, guarantees the colors to be reached to the international standard to prevent the color big difference from eyes. Because our unceasing strive for,we have developed the environmental protection material such as PET,OPS shrinkable printing material. It is successfull for making the label as the package of drinking bottle,stationary matter and cosmetic container. Now we hold the customers who are the leaders of drinking beveage in Taiwan,but we are not proud of our achievement.We are going to enlarge our world wide market.So any of your inquiry about the shrink label printing and for heat transfer label are welcomed.

    Company's Key Activities:

    1.Printing of contracting films, transfer films and environmental labels.
    2.Printing and marketing of all kinds of shrink film.
    3.Export and sale of turnkey printing machinery.
    4.OEM printing and packing.
    5.Buy and sale of packing materials.
    6.PET、PVC、OPS shrink film output and sale.
    7.Shrink Label's Whole Plant Equipment.

    Business Concept:

    The management believes that, to see the business successful, it is paramount to wage effort and time while taking care of all matters in an aggressive way and demanding when it comes to quality. Honest and humbleness are equally important when it comes to treating customers and pragmatism and strictness are key to the work force. Always believe in contribution, as it if fortunate to do so and all effort will be paid off. At the same time, be insistent in creation and improvement and continuous improvement of customer satisfaction. All above are key to sustainable business and long-term development.

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