Shrink Label

FUDI provides high quality of shrink label for application in different materials and commodities, such as logo, sauce bottle, battery, beverage bottle, toy, carton box, stationery. The material of shrink label includes PVC, PET, OPS, glass, hardware, iron can, and so on.
We also provide customized shrink label according to customers’ drawing and request.

Usage of Shrink Label

The shrink label can be printing on appearance of plastic or glass bottle and containers, such as PET, PE, PP bottle, mineral water bottle, fruit juice can, milk glass bottle, beverage, and etc.

Making Method of Shrink Label

Put the shrink label to fix it and through the heat oven or steam oven. It made the product beautiful outlook and create the valuable commodities.

Shrink Label For Bottle Caps

The shrink label for bottle cap is applicable for logos on plastic, glass and iron cans or bottles for pollution, theft and for shaping as required for additional value.

Shrink Label For Key Products

1.PVC high-contraction labels.
2.PET, OPS and other environmental thermal contracting shrink labels.
3.PE thermal contracting films.
4.All kinds of forming covers, contracting covers and sealing bags.

PVC high shrinkage and PET, OPS green environmental heat shrink label

The shrink label is suitable for various kind of bottle shape which isn't flat and smooth. We can make it with high shrinkage film for labeling and packaging and let the article out look as a fully design and create the commodity valuable.

Various kind of shrinkable bottle tube

We use shrinkable tube to pack the bottle neck can make the article safety and valuable, furthermore it can be prevent the pollution from the dust and stolen.

Sealing Bag Shrink Label

We can use bag type shrink label to pack the full of the article, it could be saved the cost instead of packing for many parts by separately. Furthermore, it made the product safety and valuable.

PE shrinkable film with printing

The shrink label could be replaced the paper carton as the package and save the package cost, then make the outlook more beautiful.