OPP & PEPA Label

The labels are one of environmental labels to indicate environmentally friendly products.
The OPP & PEPA label is widely used in soft drink and water industry. The OPP & PEPA label is non-shrinkable printing and pasted with labeling machines. The product deliver good strength and moisture resistance and are one of environmental materials.

OPP & PEPA Label For Usage

The shrink label is suitable for packing PET bottle, glass bottle for fruit juice and cola and make the product valuable. But it is not suitable for packing the curve bottle shape. It is belong to one of the green environmental raw material.

OPP & PEPA Label For Making Method

The label itself without glue so it is used in labeling machine to pack the bottle, after cut the label and attach both side of label edge with glue.

OPP and Pearl Film Label

The OPP and pearl film label is non-shrinkable and pasted with labeling machines. The pearl film label is one of environmental materials.